GTB promotes the application of Gestalt theory and development

and educates and trains competent Gestalt therapists and practitioners.

In fulfilling this mission GTB provides an education program of excellence which emphasises the experiential nature of learning. It offers an integration of theory and practice, personal growth, supervision and professional development.

The GTB program offers an integrative approach to the study of individual, family, group, community and organization methods of interventions.

The GTB program promotes an appreciation and support of professional practice that is responsive, creative, ethical and innovative.

The GTB program provides opportunities for people in the community to participate in the Gestalt experience.

GTB networks with other Gestalt/ Psychotherapy, professional and regulatory bodies locally, nationally and internationally.

GTB operates in a way that respects diversity, individual freedom and responsibility, the use of relational and collaborative process, and the method of dialogue.

Values Statement

GTB as a registered and accredited higher education provider is working towards ensuring it meets the Higher Education Standards Framework. It works strategically and operationally towards:

  1. Being reputable and accountable for the education it offers;
  2. Having the financial resources and management capacity to sustain its higher education courses;
  3. Showing sound corporate and academic governance in its higher education operations;
  4. Maintaining academic quality and integrity in the delivery of its courses;
  5. Fulfilling its responsibility to students in the provision of information, support and equitable treatment;
  6. Ensuring well-maintained physical and electronic resources and infrastructure sufficient to meet its higher education objectives.

Vision Statement

GTB will hold an important and relevant position within the counselling/ psychotherapy and human service industry higher education field. Its education program, quality of graduates, faculty and relevance to the field will be respected both nationally and internationally. GTB will lead the advancement of Gestalt theory, practice and education in Australia. GTB will maintain its registration and accreditation as a higher education provider. It will adjust to changing field whilst remaining viable for its students, faculty and the advancement of the practice of Gestalt therapy.

Teaching and Learning Vision

GTB will foster research and scholarship and have maintained academic quality and integrity in its higher education operations in Brisbane and in its third party relationship with GTS.

GTB will provide its students with information, support and processes that will effectively engage them in the teaching and learning processes and adequately meet their needs.

GTB will have established strong partnering relationships with a range of national and international educational facilities that will support and enhance the development of contemporary curriculum development and delivery.

GTB will support a core value of social inclusion and diversity at all levels of GTB practice including education, content, process, relationships and recruitment.

GTB will broaden the information and knowledge base of Gestalt theory and practice.

Technology Vision

GTB will have well maintained electronic resources and infrastructure sufficient to enhance the delivery of the GTB courses for faculty and students.

GTB will have adequate IT infrastructure and software to support the marketing and administrative needs of delivering the teaching and learning objectives.

Management and Human Resources Vision

GTB will provide a workplace that is safe, stable and engaging. GTB will have a professional development program for the faculty that provides both national and international opportunities of learning, growth and development. It will engage in a cycle of quality assurance and improvement.

Sustainability Vision

GTB will have implemented effective marketing and communication strategies that ensure a continual intake of students.

GTB will acquire an education facility that will be in a central, easily accessible location that offers sufficient space to enable a capacity to comfortably accommodate and support the education program and other initiatives undertaken by GTB.

GTB will have strengthened the capacity of its administration to ensure operational needs including financial and educational reporting continue to be adequately met.

GTB will have broadened its ownership base to ensure the long term viability of the organisation and it educational objectives.

GTB has a Business continuity commitment that ensures the ongoing stewardship of the institution should significant disruptions occur to Key personnel or resources.