Gestalt Therapy Brisbane (GTB) welcomes applications to study with us.

We provide a supportive environment in which prospective students can enhance their self awareness, relational, communication and process skills, and in which they can develop the skills to become Gestalt therapists. For information about Gestalt therapy click  here. For information about Gestalt Therapy Brisbane (the institute) click here.


Education Dates 2018


Thank you for your interest in studying Gestalt therapy.

Applications for our 2018 Gestalt therapy courses are opening very soon!!

Please feel welcome to contact us if you have any questions or would like to be contacted when applications open. Please click  here for our contact details.


Admission pathway

Prospective students who wish to gain entry to be eligible to receive the academic award of Master of Gestalt Therapy, are required to have undergraduate qualifications (Bachelor level) or post graduate qualifications in fields such as Social Work, Psychology, Counselling, or other allied fields. Other TAFE qualifications together with relevant employment experience may be considered.

GTB will consider prospective students for admission into the course without an approved 3 or 4 year Bachelor Degree if they have an Advanced Diploma, Diploma or higher-level vocational Certificate in a relevant area of study, together with extensive work and life experience. Prospective students must also demonstrate through a presentation of past assessment work and/or referee inclusion the potential to undertake work at Master level. The Directors will assess people on these criteria.


Gestalt Therapy course entry criteria and student applications processes are outlined in GTB Policy No 8A Criteria Procedures for Selection of Students. Prospective students seeking recognition of prior learning should also read: GTB Policy No 4B Recognition of Prior Learning & the Granting of Credit.


Admission philosophy

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane promotes the application of Gestalt therapy theory, practice and development and educates and trains competent Gestalt therapists and practitioners. To this end GTB seeks to admit prospective students who have demonstrated the following: work and life experience; an aptitude to the method of Gestalt therapy; understanding of and respect for intellectual and cultural differences; a value for their own personal growth and development; evidence of integrity and personal maturity; academic and dispositional qualities as outlines in Policy 8A. Admissions to the institute are number limited.

To this end GTB seeks to admit prospective students who have the following occupational and personal requirements.

Occupational requirements:  Employment in or an intention to work in the fields of counselling, psychotherapy, mental health, teaching, nursing, human resource management or human services.

Personal requirements:

  • A commitment to developing awareness of own and others’ processes of communicating and making contact;
  • An ability to give and receive personal feedback;
  • An ability to relate to others in a receptive and reflective way;
  • A capacity to work dialogically and relationally with another;
  • A capacity to understand and practice ethical behaviour and preparedness to follow a code of practice;
  • Demonstrated ability to commit to the educational program for the period for which they enrol and have a capacity to cope with the academic rigour of graduate study; and
  • Demonstrate substantial proficiency in English in their interview, since they will be working with real clients or students throughout this course.

These requirements will be assessed via interviews, references, reports from previous educational bodies, reports from medical practitioners or other allied health professionals and other means


Prospective Students to Gestalt Therapy

Our introductory course is the Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy.

This course is completed within one year. (For students who wish to become Gestalt therapists, this will become Year 1 of ongoing studies.)

Prospective students will have the opportunity to explore their own processes, build their awareness of how they engage in life, be supported through a deep emotional connection with others in the cohort and explore the theoretical base to Gestalt therapy.


Prior Students of Gestalt Therapy

Students who have studied Gestalt therapy previously at a Gestalt therapy institution or the equivalent, can apply for recognition of prior learning to enter our Master of Gestalt program:

Entry into Year 2, 3 or 4 is open to prospective students who have undertaken formal Gestalt therapy education. A prospective student’s year of entry will depending on the extent of their previous Gestalt therapy studies.

Entry requirements for later years will be considered on a case by case basis, on receipt of an application form. Credit for prior learning will be granted for Gestalt therapy education programs. Please refer to Policy No 4B: Recognition of Prior Learning and the Granting of Credit.


GTB’s Graduate Entry program enables graduates of a 4-year Gestalt therapy course to upgrade their qualifications to a Master of Gestalt Therapy in 1 year.


A note to prospective overseas students

From time to time GTB receives queries from overseas students who wish to study with us on a student visa.  While GTB processes applications from overseas students in the same way as applications from Australian residents and will provide confirmation when we offer a place in our program, prospective overseas students are responsible for obtaining a student visa. Unfortunately GTB is not an approved provider of courses for people studying in Australia on student visas. If you are an overseas student primarily interested in studying in Australia, we suggest that you make further enquiries at CRICOS.