Apply to Study at GTB

GTB would welcome your application to study with us. We will provide you with a supportive environment in which to explore your own process. You will grow in self awareness and become more fully alive and response-able to live authentically. Professionally you will enhance your relational, communication and process skills while exploring a theoretical base that holds a positive view of people in their environment. You will learn a way of self support that will reduce the experience of burn out common for many who work in the human service industries.

Come, meet the self while meeting the other.

  The Application Processes As a new student to Gestalt therapy we invite you into our introductory course, the Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy. This course is completed within one year and is whole in itself. Students will have the opportunity to explore their own processes, build their awareness of how they engage in life, be supported through a deep emotional connection with others in the cohort and explore the theoretical base to Gestalt therapy. Please download the GTB Enrolment Pack 2015 (Year 1) This brochure contains information about the GTB course the Application Forms and the course entry criteria in GTB Policy No 8A Criteria and Procedures for Selection of Students.

Education Dates 2015

Prior Student of Gestalt Therapy

As a student who has studied Gestalt therapy previously at GTB, at another GANZ approved training program or at an overseas Gestalt therapy institution or the equivalent, we invite you into a process of gaining recognition for your prior learning. If your application is successful you will be enrolled in the Master of Gestalt Therapy. Graduates of a 4 year Gestalt therapy course may be given credit for prior learning so that they can complete their Master of Gestalt Therapy within 1 year.

Please download the GTB Enrolment Pack 2015 (Year 234)  This brochure contains information about the Master of Gestalt Therapy course over 3 years. It also contains the Application forms and the course entry criteria in GTB Policy No 8A Criteria and Procedures for Selection of Students.

Course entry criteria (extract from Policy No 8A: Criteria and Procedures for Selection of Students) Students who wish to gain entry to be eligible to receive the academic award of Master of Gestalt Therapy, are required to have Undergraduate qualifications (Bachelor level) or post graduate qualifications in fields such as Social Work, Psychology, Counselling, or other allied fields. Other TAFE/VET qualifications together with relevant employment experience may be considered. The Institute will consider people for admission into the course without an approved 3 or 4 year Bachelor Degree if they have an Advanced Diploma, Diploma or higher-level vocational Certificate in a relevant area of study, together with extensive relevant work experience. Applicants must also demonstrate through a presentation of past assessment work and/or referee inclusion the potential to undertake work at Master level. The Director/s will assess people on these criteria.

Enrolment Procedure The Director of Gestalt Therapy Brisbane is responsible for making decisions about a person’s eligibility to enroll in the program. Prospective students are invited to enter into the application process.  

  1. Prospective students are to complete the GTB/GS application form. The application form will also contain a copy of Policy No 8A: PROCEDURES FOR SELECTION OF STUDENTS.
  2. When GTB/GTS has received a prospective student’s enrolment, this will be acknowledged.
  3. An interview will then be arranged at a time convenient for both the prospective student and the Director of GTB or the Director of Education at GTS. The interview will take place at either the Brisbane or Sydney campus.
  4. At the interview the prospective student will be given an introduction to the Education Program and given an opportunity to ask questions about the program.

Applicants may choose to exit the program after first year or continue and complete their four years of study. At the interview the prospective student also will be asked about aspects of his or her application, including:

  • Any previous Gestalt therapy education in order that Credit can be arranged;
  • The applicant’s motivation to engage in Gestalt therapy education;
  • The applicant’s ability to commit to growth in self awareness;
  • The applicant’s ability to relate to others in a receptive and reflective way;
  • The applicant’s capacity to understand and practice ethical behaviour and preparedness to follow a code of practice;
  • The applicant’s experience of counselling or dealing with mental health issues;
  • The applicant’s ability to commit to the educational program and capacity to cope with the academic rigour of graduate study; and,
  • The applicant’s expectations of the course and his or her goals after completing the educational program.
  • Applicants need to demonstrate substantial proficiency in English in their interview, since they will be working with real clients or students throughout this course.

5. The applicant is asked to present two written references from personal and/or professional associates. This request was made by GTB/GTS on the prospective student’s application form. In the case of students who are transferring from another Gestalt Institute an “Inter-Institute Transfer Form” will be requested from the prospective student. 6. Recommendations about the acceptance of students at GTS will be forwarded to GTB for review. 7. Recommendations about the acceptance of students into the Master of Gestalt Therapy course on the basis of prior learning if they don’t have an undergraduate qualification will be made to the Academic Governing Body for their review and ratification. 8. The decision to accept a student will be at the discretion of the Director of Gestalt Therapy Brisbane, subject to the Academic Governing Body’s agreement in relation to students seeking enrollment on the basis of prior learning if they don’t have an undergraduate qualification. 9. The prospective student will then be notified of his or her acceptance or non acceptance into the program. Successful applicants will also receive at this time information about dates and hours and other helpful details. The Directors of GTS will inform students applying for entry to GTS of the outcome of their application. 10. Students who are accepted into a program will be asked to complete a student agreement with GTB, and with GTS when they will undertake their study at that campus. 11. GTS students are enrolled in the GTB course. As a consequence their student agreement will be forwarded to GTB. The Director of GTB will countersign the GTS student agreement and forwarded a copy of the agreement to both the student and GTS. Please read GTB Policy No 8A Criteria and Procedures for Selection of Students. This will be found at the end of your Enrolment Pack.