Lodging Assignments

Student assignments should be lodged:

  • In person – to GTB admin; or
  • Placed in the Library Returns Box at GTB; or
  • Mailed to GTB PO Box 6015, Fairfield Gardens LPO, QLD 4103;
  • AND ALSO electronically via Moodle


Useful links about your assignment and expectation of submission can be found on our GTB Policy page.

  • Extension – to extend your assignment due date up to two weeks
  • Special Consideration – to extend your assignment due date by more than two weeks

For some information about GTB locality, please click here.

Extension Requests

Students who ascertain that they cannot complete an assignment by the due date can email contact@gestalttherapybrisbane.qld.edu.au . No explanation is needed. A two-week extension will be given upon this request.

Please note that all extension requests must be submitted at least ONE WEEK before the assignment is due. A formal acknowledgement by email will be given to students as soon as possible after receipt of the initial two-week extension request.

Special Consideration Requests

Students must complete a Special Consideration request if they wish to demonstrate that illness or other significant circumstances have prevented them from submitting their assignment on the due date of their two-week extension.

Special Consideration Policy 6A.

Please Note: The granting of Special Consideration is time limited and assignment item specific. It is expected that even with Special Consideration all assignments for a year will be completed by the end of the second week of December.

Rquests must:

  • Be submitted at the earliest possible date when a student identifies that he/she has a special consideration need. Students who are unable to submit the request within this period must demonstrate exceptional circumstances that prevented the request from being submitted.
  • Be submitted at least ONE WEEK before an assessment item is due.
  • Full description of the grounds for the Special Consideration, dates when student’s life was impacted.
  • Supporting evidence.
  • A suggested date that the student considers they will be able to submit their assignment

Special Consideration Request Form

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf.