Literature & Research

Below is a list of the Literature and Research resources currently available through the GTB library.  This list also includes assignment writing guides.


Resource No of Copies AUTHOR TITLE PUBLICATION Category
book 1 borrow American Psychological Association Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association: 4th Ed. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association. 1995. LR
book 1 borrow Anderson, J & Poole, M. Assignment and Thesis Writing: 4th Ed Milton, QLD: John Wiley and Sons Australia. 2001.  LR
book 1 borrow  Babbie, E. The Practice of Social Reasearch: 5th Edition. California, U.S.A: Wadsworth. 1989. LR
book 1 borrow Barker, C., Pistrang, N. & Elliott, R. Research Methods in Clinical Psychology. An Introduction for Students and Practitioners. 2nd Ed. Milton, QLD: John Wiley and Sons Australia. 2002.  LR
book 1 borrow Cope, B. The Written Assignment: A Guide to the Writing and Presentation of Assignments Kelvin Grove, QLD: QUT Publications. 2005. LR
book 1 borrow Creswell, J.  W. Research Design Sage publications 2008 LR
book 1 borrow Deakin University The Action Research Reader Victoria, Australia: Deakin University Press. 1981. LR
book 2 borrow Dick, B. Rigour Without Numbers: The Potential of Dialectical Processes as Qualitive Research Tools. 3rd Ed. Chapel Hill, QLD:Interchange Publications. 1999. LR
book 1 missing Hart,C. Doing a Literature Review: Releasing the Social Science Research Imagination. London, UK: Sage Publications. 2005 LR
book 1 borrow Galvan, J. L. Writing Literature Reviews. (6th ed) Routledge. 2014 LR
book 1 borrow Kemmis, S. & McTaggart, R. (Eds.) The Action Research Planner. 3rd Ed. Victoria, Australia: Deakin University Press. 1988. LR
book 1 borrow Machi, L. & McEvoy, B. The Literature Review: Six Steps to Success California: SAGE. 2012. LR 
book 1 borrow McLeod, J. Case Study Research: In Counselling and Psychotherapy. London: SAGE. 2010. LR
book 5 borrow McLeod, J. Doing Counseling Research. 2nd edition London, UK: Sage Publications. 2003 LR
book 1 borrow McLeod, J. Qualitative Research: In counselling & psychotherapy (2nd ed.) Los Angeles, CA: Sage, 2011 LR
book  1 borrow McNiff, J. with Whitehead, J. Action Research: Principles and Practice. 2ndedition. New York, NY: Routledge Falmer.  2002. LR
book 1 borrow Minium, E. W.  King, B. M. & Bear, G. Statistical Reasoning in Psychology & Education. 3rd Ed. New York, NY: John Wiley & Sons. 1993. LR
book 1 borrow Neuman, W. L. Social Reaserch Methods: Qualitative & Quantitative Approaches. Needham Heights, MA: Allyn & Bacon. 1997. LR
book 1 borrow Nguyen, T. S. Writing up a Literature Review in Social & Educational Research. Lambert Academic Publishing. 2014 LR
book 1 borrow  Oliver, P. Succeeding with your Literature Review: A Handbook for Students. Berkshire, England: McGraw-Hill Education. 2012. LR
book 6 borrow O’Shea, R. P. Writing for Psychology: An Introductory Guide for Students   Marrickville, NSW: Harcourt Brace & Company. 1993. LR
book 2 borrow Punch, K. F. Developing Effective Research Proposals. London: Sage Publications. 2000. LR
book 1 borrow Smyth, T.R. Writing for Psychology: A Student Guide. Milton, QLD: John Wiley & Sons. 1994. LR
book 1 borrow Tabachnick, B. G. & Fidell, L. S.  Using Multivariate Statistics. 3rd ed. Caifornia State University, Northridge: Harper Collins College Publishers. 1996. LR
book 1 borrow Tilley, A. An Introduction to Psychological Research & Statistics: Revised 2nd ed. St Lucia, QLD: Pineapple Press. 1994. LR
book 1 borrow Timulak, L. Research in Psychotherapy and Counselling. London: SAGE. 2008. LR