Literature Reviews

Below is a list of Literature Reviews published by past students.

These are currently available through the GTB hard copy library (to be read at GTB only). However, from 2019 onwards there are copies online via the GTB e-library.  

Yes Exploring the Emergence and Re-emergence of Bodymind Therapy Phillips, V.M. 2019 LITR
Yes Development of the Enigmatic Self Watson,T. 2019 LITR
Yes Strange Bed Fellows: Therapy meets disgust. Foxlewin, B. 2019 LITR
Yes Understanding Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse Shiraze, S. 2019 LITR
Yes Wicked Problems: Gestalt Therapy as a potential practice framework to underpin policy development? Brannigan, B. M. 2019 LITR
Yes Trauma and the value of Therapy Griffin, M. D. 2019 LITR
Yes A Well-Lived Life: Gestalt Therapy Supporting Older Adults Haworth, D. A. 2019 LITR
Yes Psychotherapeutic implications of relational safety, somatic processes and neuroscience for trauma sufferers Brown, J. G. 2019 LITR
Yes Working with the dance of addiction Peterson, L. 2019 LITR
Yes Ecology of the Therapeutic Environment: Expanding the Field Cleary, M. 2019 LITR
Yes Migration, Mental Health and Psychotherapy Coint-Bavarot, M. L. R. 2019 LITR
Yes Trauma Sensitive Yoga as an Adjunctive Treatment to Psychotherapy Mayo, M. 2019 LITR
Yes Trauma: Impacts, Trauma Informed Practice and Gestalt Therapy O’Faolain, S. 2019 LITR
A Powerful Touch Bauer,D. 2018 LITR
Enhancing awareness and self-regulation through conscious movement Boore, S. 2018 LITR
The lived experience of the dying person: A psychotherapeutic exploration Christensen,T.C. 2018 LITR
The Risk of Risk Aversion: A gestalt relational perspective of supporting at risk youth Colletti, M. 2018 LITR
Gestalt Therapy & Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy: (intersubjective) fields apart? Delphine, C. 2018 LITR
Understanding Shame Djipalo,T, 2018 LITR
Meeting the unexpected with the unimagined: The value of improvisation in psychotherapy and everyday life. Garrety, A. 2018 LITR
Living a good life despite a ground of. developmental trauma Harry,S.J. 2018 LITR
An Act of Terrorism: The War Against Woman. A Literature Review on Domestic Violence Hunt,B.J. 2018 LITR
Indigenous Australian peoples’ social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) Laing,B. 2018 LITR
Sexual pleasure practices as a path towards wellbeing within psychotherapy Laing,L. 2018 LITR
Nature as a therapeutic tool Leyshon,J.E. 2018 LITR
Spirit matters: Exploring the intersection of psychotherapy and spirituality MacDonald,S. 2018 LITR
The impact of exposure to domestic violence on children and adolescents Sawrey,L.E. 2018 LITR
Bereavement – An Evolution Suess,B 2018 LITR
Re-evaluating creativity and play.  Looking through the lens of Gestalt Therapy Ashbolt, K. 2017 LITR
Awakening from a sleeping world Dreaming bridges across the divide Bland,M.K. 2017 LITR
Restoring intimacy in couple relationships Bradley,R.S. 2017 LITR
Deep awareness for complex lives: Children with chronic health conditions and their emotional well-being Buchanan,J.A. 2017 LITR
Organisational coaching: Beyond the role of change agent into a wider relational world Carter,R.J. 2017 LITR
Psychotherapy and social change Conroy,R.J. 2017 LITR
Organisational development: My search for gestalt within organisations Deligiannis,E. 2017 LITR
The importance of groups in a changing society Delmas,A.I. 2017 LITR
The role of grief in honouring loss and its place in life Learson,L. 2017 LITR
The value of empathy in psychotherapy Manoy,D. 2017 LITR
Presence at the heart of psychotherapeutic relating O’Halloran,C. 2017 LITR
Therapeutic use of self and the poetic of uncertainty Reid, C. 2017 LITR
Recovery in Sight: Adults suffering developmental trauma Robins,K. 2017 LITR
Art and Gestalt therapy Calman.J.C. 2016 LITR
Life in post-disaster environments: The contribution of gestalt therapy Conradson,D. 2016 LITR
Yarning, past and present, appropriate approaches for aboriginal people, including gestalt practice Davis,R.A. 2016 LITR
Empathy as framed by Biology, Neuroscience, Buddhism & Gestalt Therapy Foale, J. 2016 LITR
Maori wellness and the possibilities of gestalt therapy Houghton,E. 2016 LITR
The forbidden field of Pornography: exploring the complexities of sexuality, pornography and censorship Hulsmann, S.H. 2016 LITR
Menopause: A gestalt approach Preston,L.S. 2016 LITR
Understanding elderly with dementia: A gestalt perspective Vogel,S. 2016 LITR
Staying in relationship with an adolescent: A gestalt perspective Walker,J.C. 2016 LITR
Gestalt therapeutic practice, physiotherapists and people with chronic pain Barlow,S.E. 2015 LITR
Attachment Theory and Narcissistic vulnerability Bergman,S. 2015 LITR
Depression, handle with care Gutbrod,J.C. 2015 LITR
Wording with children with social and emotional needs in schools Lawrence,C. 2015 LITR
Creativity, expressive arts therapy and creative processes in gestalt therapy McWilliam,H.R. 2015 LITR
The liminal edge: A exploration of gestalt praxis in the twilight zone Prince,R. 2015 LITR
Organisational leadership in business: Leadership of the situation Refiti, L. 2015 LITR
Power and the role of gestalt therapist Schlatter,Z.K 2015 LITR
Change Sutton,M.T. 2015 LITR
Attachment theory, psychotherapy and gestalt therapy: A focus on the relational Tonnet,S. 2015 LITR
The ecology of eating disorders and investigation Wagner,N. 2015 LITR
A gestalt perspective on depression and the therapeutic alliance Young,P.G. 2015 LITR
Peace process: The gestalt perspective Alperovitch,J.Y. 2014 LITR
The concept of self in gestalt and beyond Cohen,R.C. 2014 LITR
The trauma of childhood chronic disease, specifically cancer: A preventative approach Conyard,L.H. 2014 LITR
Stepfamilies are different: How issues and the therapeutic needs of stepfamilies differ to that of first time families Cooper,J. 2014 LITR
Considering the carer and young carer: A gestalt field-theoretical perspective Fitzgerald,M.J. 2014 LITR
Analysis of inner child and creative play therapy Friendship,M. 2014 LITR
Working somatically as a psychotherapist and gestalt therapist Herzog,A. 2014 LITR
Working therapeutically with parents Horril,L. 2014 LITR
Gestalt therapy Brisbane Kent,J. 2014 LITR
Neuroscience, psychotherapy and neuropsychotherapy Killin,T. 2014 LITR
Childhood adversities and the healing potential of therapeutic processes Lawson, A.E. 2014 LITR
The Necessity of Sexuality: Taking a field-relational approach McKimmie I.R.K. 2014 LITR
The creative relationship between art therapy and gestalt psychotherapy Playford-Veal,K. 2014 LITR
Neuroscience and psychotherapy: The science behind the natural art of learning Raya,J. 2014 LITR
Sexual Morals, Ethics & Psychotherapy Shervey, D.J. 2014 LITR
Intimate systems: Pathology to personhood, A dialogical approach Wagh,I.E. 2014 LITR
Mitigating the impacts of divorce on children and parental caregiving: Perspectives from attachment theory and gestalt therapy Watson,A. 2014 LITR
Adult Children of Alcoholics, From Silence to Awareness Bullen, D. 2013 LITR
A passionate dance: Working with dynamics of bond and autonomy Adler,M. 2013 LITR
Working with a dying client: Gestalt therapy, palliative care and existential suffering Archer,P. 2013 LITR
The neurobiology of secure attachment. Gestalt psychotherapy: Fertile ground for neurogenesis Bickley,M. 2013 LITR
Managing grief and loss: Anguish and Growth Carr,S.G. 2013 LITR
A gestalt perspective on the dynamics of contact and meaning making in the process of traumatic experience Gonda,B. 2013 LITR
Attachment theory and adult psychotherapy: Rocking the cradle Grant,P. 2013 LITR
Generalised Anxiety and the relational Kvassay-Bell,T. 2013 LITR
Gestalt group process: Toward the embodiment of phenomenology, field theory and dialogue Lahood, G.A. 2013 LITR
Supporting anxious adolescents: Is evidence-based practice enough O’Loughlin,A.P. 2013 LITR
Men & Violence.  The Role of shame and implications for psychotherapy Pitt, M. 2013 LITR
Co-dependency: Possibilities as an attachment disorder and the potential for healing in the therapeutic Refiti,H.L. 2013 LITR
Gestalt therapy and parenting skills Rodgers,D. 2013 LITR
The role of stepmothers: Ambiguity to clarity Sharman,S.A. 2013 LITR
Contact: Transference revisited Tarrant,E. 2013 LITR
Humanistic, Psychoanalytic and gestalt attitude in groups Thew,S.R. 2013 LITR
Expanding the relational field in psychotherapy: Humans, nature, animals and horses Toman,L.M. 2013 LITR
Finding middle ground: What gestalt therapy can offer couples in distress Von Gija,C.H. 2013 LITR
Music therapy is noted for health Boydell,C. 2012 LITR
Dream work in psychotherapy: Interpretation, evocation, experience and utility Cain,E.V. 2012 LITR
I am, You are, We be: Healthy functioning Cuskelly,D.A. 2012 LITR
Childhood trauma and the healing potential of the therapeutic relationship Eagleton,D.A. 2012 LITR
Rupture and repair in the therapeutic relationship: Integration through disintegration Goldie,S. 2012 LITR
Brain functioning and therapies: Working with sexual abuse Harlow,M. 2012 LITR
Executive coaching: working with the interferences to success in the corporate world Harrison,B. 2012 LITR
Organisational Change Models: A Gestalt Alternative Khobzi, A.E. 2012 LITR
Trauma: Ideology, neurobiology and interventions: A gestalt therapy perspective Koppe,R.J. 2012 LITR
Dissociation of personality and complex trauma related phobias Latino,E. 2012 LITR
Intimate Strangers: Gestalt therapy with stepfamilies Manton,M. 2012 LITR
The order of disordered eating: A modern epidemic Nannetti,S. 2012 LITR
Psychotherapy with Adult Survivors of Complex Trauma. Undoing a person’s aloneness in the face of overwhelming emotions. Pfluger,I 2012 LITR
Trauma in Domestic Violence Simpson,R.C. 2012 LITR
Experiential Family therapy: Embracing  the heart, embracing the family Wilson,D. 2012 LITR
Holism in psychotherapy: Healing the whole Wood,M.H. 2012 LITR
It is a shame that shame is so shameful Amand,K. 2011 LITR
The therapeutic alliance, the relational turn and gestalt therapy: Locating the alliance concept within the relational psychotherapy tradition Campiao,P 2011 LITR
Attachment Theory an Adult Psychotherapy: Securing the Adult-freeing the person Davison,P. 2011 LITR
Survivors of sexual abuse: The gestalt approach Harlow,M. 2011 LITR
‘Being’ with spirituality John,S. 2011 LITR
The Gestalt Therapist in a Therapeutic Community Kerr,A.B. 2011 LITR
A clear vision in an obscure field: Gestalt executive coaching within the executive coaching industry Montell,M. 2011 LITR
The art of living and dying: Gestalt therapeutic approaches to existential anxiety Swan,J.O. 2011 LITR
Body inclusivity in psychotherapy: Towards an evidence based body inclusive gestalt therapy Woolridge,V.A. 2011 LITR
Supervision and the therapeutic relationship: What does gestalt have to offer? Andersson,L. 2010 LITR
Sports psychology, performance enhancement and the athletic experience: An analysis and integrative review of Literature Giardina-Chard,S. 2010 LITR
Fatherhood in the context of transition and generativity: Challenges and opportunities for men Menzel,M. 2010 LITR
Adolescence: A time of transformation Morrall,B.A. 2010 LITR
Somatic intelligence: Embodied consciousness in applied practice Xanitha,Z. 2010 LITR
Then Now Next: Gestalt therapy and social and political change Botting,M. 2009 LITR
The bridge between two worlds, Adolescents’ journey towards self-identity and racial esteem Bower,R. 2009 LITR
A little bit of magic: A study of the methodology of psychotherapy Carr,T. 2009 LITR
Aspects of Couple Therapy Ings,T. 2009 LITR
A gestalt approach to creative and expressive therapies with children and adolescents Kapernick,R 2009 LITR
Help me make the monster go away: Applying the gestalt framework to working with child survivors of sexual abuse Mueller,C. 2009 LITR
The Treatment of depression: A study that explores the differences between gestalt therapy and cognitive therapy Murray,D. 2009 LITR
Understanding addicts experiences in early recovery: An enquiry for gestalt practitioners Pederzolli,L. 2009 LITR
Living in awareness Rodgers,C. 2009 LITR
The problematic state of diagnosis within the paradigms of mental health Ross, S. 2009 LITR
Death, existential-Phenomenology and Gestalt Therapy Santos,T. 2009 LITR
Research Proposal:  Looking for death in gestalt therapy: A study into relating to mortality Santos,T. 2009 LITR
Grief and ambiguous loss Beach,E. 2008 LITR
Exploring gestalt and music/voice therapy Buchanan,B.E. 2008 LITR
How trauma therapy as a somatic experience and a transformation can support healing and growth. Ellis, D. 2008 LITR
Attachment theory and childhood development Falkner,J. 2008 LITR
How Children Make Contact With Their World Faulkner, J. 2008 LITR
Gestalt and substance abuse Foster,B. 2008 LITR
The impact of dream work Gibson-Long,R. 2008 LITR
The perception of self Goldsbrough,M-A 2008 LITR
Borderlands, Gestalt therapists and the discourse of diagnosis Graves, R. 2008 LITR
Early Intervention in Infants Attachment Relationships Huntley,D. 2008 LITR
A gestalt therapist using constructivist approach to formatively evaluate gestalt practitioners’ clinical experience with adoptee clients Lin,W. 2008 LITR
Understanding and treating addiction: A gestalt perspective Pederzolli,L. 2008 LITR
Gestalt methodology and the selection of the medical student Taylor,C. 2008 LITR
Gestalt Therapy and analytical psychology: working with dreams Walbum,H. 2008 LITR
A call to act for justice: A study of the impact of South Africa – Australia Alive, on the young people who participate in the programme Garrone,. 2007 LITR
How does a therapist build a therapeutic relationship with his/her child client? Landsberger,T. 2007 LITR
The appropriateness of gestalt applications in working with adoptees Lin,W. 2007 LITR
The field of dreaming Long,G. 2007 LITR
The Relevance of Play when working Therapeutically with Children Landsberger, T. 2006 LITR
Facilitating change in open systems – Extending the unit of work Meara,A. 2005 LITR
Considerations for gestalt therapists employing the unit of work when assisting a client with intellectual impairment, supported by an accommodation service, explore sexual expression Houguet-Pineham,T. 2004 LITR
Children’s Experiences of rejection from dyadic and peer group relationships: Comparing gestalt contacting functions and coping strategies Chipuer,H.M. 2002 LITR
Conspiracy of silence: A study of lesbian violence, a gestalt perspective Gray,J. 2001 LITR
Abnormality, disorder and diagnosis: A review of Gestalt Literature Graves,R. Unknown LITR
Being Heard by another person is a true gift.(Ivey,1994) Houguet-Pincham,T Unknown LITR
Globalisation, Mullumbimby and Gestalt Lilly,D. Unknown LITR
Adult attachment styles: Their relationship with conflict styles and relationship satisfaction Moran,K. Unknown LITR
Giving birth to an integrated self. Adoption-birth mothers and their psychotherapeutic needs Nicholson,D. Unknown LITR
Walking through the fire of my fears: The aftermath of abortion Winterscheidt.G.J. Unknown LITR