We offer a way of learning through experiencing, doing, reflecting, feeling, sensing and connecting.

Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy offers an introduction to Gestalt Therapy and is open to anyone interested in Gestalt Therapy for their personal or professional development. The Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy is also the pathway into the Master of Gestalt Therapy for students wanting to continue their learning.

In this year students will gain an understanding of the principles and practice of Gestalt therapy and its application to counselling, psychotherapy, group, community and organisational work.

Master of Gestalt Therapy is a specialist qualification, which teaches Gestalt theory, methodology and practice in an intensive program. Students who have completed this course are qualified Gestalt therapists, eligible for membership and registration with relevant professional associations. Students will be taught specialised theoretical knowledge and the methodology of Gestalt therapy. They will be asked to show a demonstrable ability to apply these in their work as a therapist with individuals, groups, couples, families. Students will also be introduced to a Gestalt approach to working in organisational settings, corporations and with communities.

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