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Sharon Gray | Three sessions | Brisbane


Over the years I`ve had numerous conversations with Gestalt therapy graduates who look embarrassed as they tell me that they’re not in practice. When I ask them what they are doing it invariably turns out they are using the fruit of their Gestalt therapy education, in contexts other than private counselling and psychotherapy practice.

Many of us are applying our GT theory and methodology in all sorts of rich ways, and we may not be aware of it or if we are aware of it, we don’t have support to value what we are doing, and we don’t have support to think deeply, critically and creatively about our practice.

I’m excited by the energy there is for meeting and sharing and I am proposing some more get togethers…

Who is the workshop for?

  • Graduates of a recognised Gestalt therapy course who are interested in the application of Gestalt therapy theory and methodology beyond the realms of psychotherapy and counselling.
  • Those who are interested in contemplating ideas deeply, critically, creatively and in the fullness of their nuance and complexity.
  • Those who want to give and receive support within the context of a group that recognises the interconnectedness of all life and are passionate about working for transformation, equity and sustainability for all.
  • This is an invitation for new comers to the group and to anyone who has attended any of the first four sessions.
Sharon Gray

Presented by

Sharon Gray  LCSW, BCD

Sharon is a mother, partner, friend, community member and apprentice yogi. She is also a former GTB director who currently course coordinates, educates, consults and has a small practice. She dislikes the Bio genre where complex, nuanced and vulnerable humans make themselves sound like minor deities.

I’m looking forward to the possibility of connecting with other Gestaltists and engaging in juicy conversations that make a difference.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to make contact

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Where & When

Dates – Sundays 

Future dates to be confirmed in 2020

Time 9.30 am – 1.30 pm


Gestalt Therapy Brisbane

431 Montague Road, West End

Brisbane, Queensland