Governance & Management 

The work of Gestalt Therapy Brisbane is supported by the expertise of three governance committees. 

GTB’s Governance is represented in its Organisational Structure of Gestalt Therapy Brisbane Governance Boards.

Corporate Governance Body (CGB)

This body attends to the the business, financial and strategic direction of GTB. The Directors of GTB report to the CGB to ensure the economic and operational viability of the institute.

The CGB delegates authority to the Academic Governance Body (AGB) to safeguard the quality of the education GTB provides. The Chair of the AGB reports to the CGB.

Current members of our CGB:

  • Ms Veronica Phillips, Chair
  • Dr Maree Boyle
  • Ms Tine Mueller, Managing Director

Download the TOR (Terms of Reference) for more details. 

The Academic Governing Body (AGB)

This body is constituted to provide the institute with access to expertise to ensure that GTB fulfills its quality assurance requirements as an Institute of Higher Education. It has responsibility for the oversight of all GTB education operations. The Education Manager and Managing Director of GTB report to the AGB on issues concerned with the delivery of the GTB courses.

Current members of the AGB:

  • Dr Paddy O`Regan, Chair
  • Mr Alan Meara
  • Ms Helen McWillam
  • Ms Annie Garrety
  • Dr Jeff Flatt, Education Manager
  • Tine Mueller, Managing Director

Download the TOR (Terms of Reference) for more details. 

The Gestalt Education Processes Committee (GEP)

The GEP Committee holds a course advisory role and is clearly differentiated from the AGB, which delegates authority for course advice matters to the GEP. The GEP Committee meets on an ad-hoc basis and consists of internal and external independent members who hold discipline-specific and course delivery expertise.

Download the TOR (Terms of Reference) for more details.  

Current members of the GEP committee:

  • Dr. Jeff Flatt (Chair)
  • Dr. Paddy O`Regan (Chair, AGB)
  • Dr. Barry Laing
  • Lukas Starling (GTB student rep)
  • Alex Greene

Institute Management

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane`s Managing Director is responsible for safeguarding and developing GTBs strategic direction under the guidance of the Corporate Governance Body (CGB).

The Academic Leadership team is responsible for GTBs day to day educational operations and quality assurance processes.

  • Ms Christine (Tine) Mueller, Managing Director
  • Dr Jeff Flatt, Education Manager
  • Ms Sharon Gray, Head of Teaching, Learning & Student Experience


Strategic Directions

The work of GTB is directed by its Strategic Development Plan. The current plan is for the period of 2021-2026. 


Instrument Establishing GTB

The document by which GTB was established.

Statements of Financial Standing

The Director`s Declaration and Independent Audit Report can be found here.