Academic Governance

The work of Gestalt Therapy Brisbane is supported by the expertise of three committees.

Corporate Governance Body (CGB)

This body attends to the the business, financial and strategic direction of GTB. The Directors of GTB report to the CGB to ensure the economic and operational viability of the institute.

Corporate Governing Body Terms of Reference PDF

The Academic Governing Body (AGB)

This body is constituted to provide the institute with access to expertise to ensure that the standards are comparable with Australian Universities. It has responsibility for the oversight of all GTB education operations. The Directors of GTB report to the AGB on issues concerned with the delivery of the GTB courses.

Academic Governing Body Terms of Reference PDF

GTB’s Academic Governance is represented in its Academic Governance Chart  PDF

The Gestalt Education Processes Committee (GEP)

This body holds responsibility for the educational processes, including student progress and assessment. The GEP committee provides internal direction for the delivery and evaluation of the GTB courses. GEP takes a pragmatic and practical focus to ensure the day to day delivery of the program is met in a professional and proficient manner and that the delivery is reviewed and inspected.
Gestalt Education Processes Committee Terms of Reference PDF

Strategic Directions

The work of GTB is directed by its Strategic Plan. The plan was initially developed in November 2012 for a period of 4 years. It is reviewed in November of each year. The current plan was is for the period of 2016-2020.
Gestalt Therapy Brisbane Strategic Plan 2016-2020 PDF