Student Stories


I’m currently in second year of the Master of Gestalt Therapy program offered by Gestalt Therapy Brisbane (GTB).

I began my studies with GTB in 2017, and was immediately struck by the warmth, kindness and expertise of the staff. With limited exposure to higher learning I found ample support within GTB for all aspects of study and assignment writing. The experiential approach applied by GTB is supportive, fun, engaging and nurturing. This approach to sharing knowledge and wisdom has allowed me to learn by being, without trying. The supervision provided by such diverse and highly skilled faculty members is invaluable, and expertly guides my learning as a student therapist; calling on me to access my own wisdom and develop a style uniquely mine.

Thanks to GTB I have rediscovered not only my thirst for learning, but my passion for life itself.


I came to GTB because I already had a degree but didn’t feel that I had the experience to work with clients, especially clients experiencing trauma. GTB gave me hands on experience with real clients, supervision and assessments that enabled me to build my confidence.

I was drawn to GTB because there is a focus on the relational, this was role modelled even around assessments.
Faculty were available to proof read assessments, extra time was made for academic writing and assessment questions for those interested.

Tracey completed her Master of Gestalt Therapy at GTB in February 2019. 

Gestalt therapy student (Brisbane)


I graduated with my Master of Gestalt Therapy at Gestalt Therapy Brisbane in February 2017. I began my studies at GTB in March 2012. I found my studies at GTB had a nice balance of experiential, practical as well as academic learning. I was very well supported throughout all practical and academic aspects of Gestalt Therapy.

Despite having English as a second language, the support I was given at GTB enabled me to finish my Master in Gestalt Therapy. Four years of practical experience, experiential learning, combined with academic knowledge, fully prepared me to now being employed as well as in private practice as a Gestalt Therapist.

I was always looking forward to go to Brisbane to our study weekends, where I felt very welcome, seen, accepted, had fun, and made friends for life. Gestalt Therapy changed my way of being in the world, being more aware of how I live life, allowing myself to live life more fully and authentic, as well as trusting myself. Although I did not notice any changes within myself during my studies, when looking back I was shocked to see how much I have changed and grown.  After my studies I feel I am more grounded in life, more courageous, more accepting of myself, having passion for life and learning.


Currently I work in private practice after graduating in 2015 from the Masters of Gestalt Therapy at Gestalt Therapy Brisbane.

I am very grateful to the faculty of GTB for the enriched experience of studying Gestalt Therapy and for their continued presence in my life through various training groups and supervision. My time as a student at Gestalt Therapy Brisbane was a unique blend of theory and practical learning. While I found the theory stimulating, relevant and interesting it was the experiential learning that deepened my understanding of myself and contributes profoundly to my capabilities of working as a therapist now. I found the GTB faculty to be dedicated, warm and supportive in their approach to experiential learning. I was often amazed by their ability to embody the Gestalt methodology as a way of being, this in turn enabled me to integrate and grow into this rich way of being in relationship to myself and the other. I have grown in confidence, courage, self- support and found a new appreciation of difference and choice as exciting.

I presently love my work as a Gestalt Therapist and would recommend the study of Gestalt Therapy to anybody who are wanting to grow professionally or personally.


I came to this course as a practicing music educator with a stirred interest in the transformation of suffering in families, cultures and myself. I had trained in family constellations and hypnotherapy and had grown professionally and personally with both of these training experiences. However, I was yet to feel satisfied about the answers to further questions of professional practices and to find clear paradigms of meaningful suffering.

At GTB I have found not only deeper answers, but also deeper questions. And finally, a deeper satisfaction with my own continued questioning. I experienced truly collegial learning. I learned about being fully in my suffering, joy, stuck-ness and growth, through fully being with others and finally fully letting others be with me. The model of learning and health in Gestalt challenged my individualistic perspectives on being a learner and being human. The moments of deep challenge were equal to the moments of deep insight both professionally and personally.

For me, studying Gestalt group and individual therapy practices has delivered increasing moments of peaceful vital meaningfulness. The Gestalt practices of personal therapy, being a therapist, group work and supervision, have opened me to a life of being fully with the simple yet compassionate complexity of deeper connection; a life of growth and excitement.

I have graduated now and gone on to further studies overseas with the Italian Gestalt Institute. I am delighting in travelling to Europe and learning with Gestalt trainers and practitioners from fourteen different countries around the globe. I have also won a scholarship to attend the Gestalt research conference in Santiago, Chile this May and then will be attending the EAGT conference in Budapest on “Creative Indifference” this September.

My gestalt journey that was launched at GTB and has now gone global!

“By walking one makes the road, and upon glancing behind one sees the path that never will be trod again. Wanderer, there is no road– Only wakes upon the sea”.
Antonio Machado