Admission Pathways

Prospective students who wish to gain entry to be eligible to receive the academic award of Master of Gestalt Therapy, are required to have undergraduate qualification (Bachelor level) or post graduate qualifications in fields such as social work, psychology, counselling, or other allied fields. Other TAFE qualifications together with relevant employment experience may be considered.

GTB will consider prospective students for admission into the course without an approved 3 or 4 year bachelor degree if they have an advanced diploma, diploma or higher-level vocational certificate in a relevant area of study, together with extensive work and life experience. Prospective students must also demonstrate through supporting evidence their potential to undertake work at Master level. The Academic Leadership Team will assess people on these criteria.

Graduates of approved Gestalt institutes may apply for the recognition of prior learning.

Gestalt Therapy course entry criteria and student applications processes are outlined in GTB`s Admission Procedure and Admission Policy