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Lodging Assignments

Student assignments should be lodged via Moodle.

The ONLY exception is if you are submitting your Literature Review, in this case you must also send GTB one bound hard copy (as well as your submission via Moodle).

Extension Requests

Students who ascertain that they cannot complete an assignment by the original due date need to request an extension from their year coordinator no longer than 24hrs prior to the assessment due date. Acceptable reasons for the extension need to be given, e.g. illness, jury duty etc.

The extension request must be accompanied by documentary evidence, e.g. stat dec, employer letter etc.

Requests for an extension must:

  1. be submitted via this form..
  2. be submitted at least 24 hours before the assignments original due date.
  3. documentary evidence must be provided.

Your year coordinator is responsible for the management of your extension request and will formally acknowledge the receipt of your extension request and evidence. You will be notified whether your extension has been granted or denied.

If successful you will receive a TWO WEEK EXTENSION.

Special Consideration Requests

If the student has already been granted a two week extension (see above) and is unable to submit their assessment on time due to unforseen circumstances, the students may apply for special consideration. Students must complete the below extension request form and tick the Special Consideration box. Students will need to demonstrate illness or other significant circumstances which prevent them from submitting their assignment by the two week extension due date.

There are two pathways for that are utilised for special consideration:

  1. The first as described in the section above (extension request, two week-extension)
  2. Student has already completed an assessment and they determine that their performance was seriously affected, or they were seriously disadvantaged by special circumstances.

Requests for a special consideration must:

  • be submitted via this form..
  • be submitted at least within three working days after the assessment due date.
  • evidence must be provided such as bereavement notice, employer letter, stat dec, professional letter, medical report etc.
  • include a suggested date that the student considers they will be able to submit their assignment, with an explanation of the timeline.

Please Note:

Your year coordinator, in consultation with senior management as needed, is responsible for the management of special consideration requests.

A formal acknowledgement via email will be given to you as soon as possible and approval or refusal of the special consideration request.

The above is a brief overview to support students understanding.

Please see the GTB`s Assessment Policy in full before you proceed. Go to our GTB Policy page.