Leadership Team

Tine Mueller

Tine Mueller

MGestTherapy, MEdSc (Pedagogy), BSW, BEdSc (Pedagogy), AMHSW

Managing Director, Year 1 Coordinator 

Tine is deeply committed to the GTB learning community and believes that GTB`s education can transform students` lives and ripple into the world. She enjoys exploring the rich facets of life and being with others. Tine has three young children.

Tine migrated from Germany to Australia after completing her education in Hamburg and extensive travels 22 years ago. She received her Gestalt Therapy training at the Brisbane Gestalt Institute and her Master of Gestalt Therapy at Gestalt Therapy Brisbane.

Tine has a background in social work. Her work experience includes working with women who experience domestic violence in Arnhem Land, drug and alcohol counselling, working with women and children who have experienced sexual abuse as well as counselling women in prison.

Tine also runs a private practice. She works with individuals, couples and families.

Photo Jeff small B&W

Dr Jeff Flatt


Education Manager 

Dr Jeff Flatt is an experienced tertiary education manager with twenty years` experience in higher education across a rich variety of peoples, cultures, and socio-demographics.

Jeff has a PhD in health science and an interest in working professionals’ integration of praxis with knowledge pluralism and the ways this interface can inform learning to facilitate human fulfillment.

Jeff is a member of the Association for Tertiary Education Management and collaboratively works with staff and students to create positive institutional and learner outcomes.

Jeff joined GTB in 2021.

Sharon Gray

Sharon Gray

MGestTherapy, MEd (Adult), BTh, MGANZ, PACFA Reg. Clinical, PACFA Accredited Supervisor

Head of Teaching, Learning & Student Experience 

Year 2 Coordinator, Literature Review Coordinator   

Recognising the interconnectedness of all life Sharon is passionate about working for transformation, equity and sustainability for all.
She loves contemplating situations and ideas deeply, critically, creatively and in the fullness of their nuanced complexity. Her roles as mother, friend, community member, therapist, supervisor, educator, consultant and facilitator ground her with the breadth, depth, tears, laughter and wisdom she brings to her work. She has a Bachelor degree in Theology and Ministry and Master degrees in Education and Counselling. Her career includes outdoor education, pastoral care, school and tertiary education and senior management.

Sharon has been a part of GTB since 2010.

Office Staff


Karen Semitecolos

Administration Manager

Karen Semitecolos is a highly accomplished professional with a diverse range of skills and expertise. With a background in finance, supply chain, hospitality, and education, she has made significant contributions to multiple companies throughout her career.

Outside of her professional life, Karen enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She pursues hobbies such as riding, reading, and resorting, which help her maintain a well-rounded and balanced lifestyle.


Josephine Calman 2019

Josephine Calman

MGestTherapy, AdvDipAT, DipFA

Library Support

Josephine provides support for the function of the GTB library on a part time basis. Josephine is a GTB graduate and has a background in Fine Arts. When she is not hiding behind piles of books at GTB, she like to engage creatively into her Gestalt & Art Therapy.

Josephine has been a part of GTB staff since 2017.

Academic Staff

The Director is supported by academic staff who provide support for the delivery of our Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy and Master of Gestalt Therapy programs which may include teaching, supervision of practice, writing support and grading of written or practical work. GTB also invite local and international guest presenters to support  and deliver specialised topics over the education programs.

Rosemary 2020

Rosemary Bower

MGestTherapy, MGANZ, PACFA Reg. Clinical

Year 1 Coordinator

Rosemary was born in Tanzania and has lived and travelled extensively overseas. This lifestyle has greatly influenced and shaped her style of working and being in the world. She graduated from Brisbane Gestalt Institute and completed her Master of Gestalt Therapy at Gestalt Therapy Brisbane.
Rosemary now lives in Maleny and has a great passion for working with culturally diverse groups and with groups engaged in creating social change. She is a founding member of W2M Refugee Support Group and has facilitated group processes for several community groups such as Maleny Pride, land care groups and educational institutions. She facilitates for EPICC, exploring anxiety and life issues with individuals who are non-verbal and have special needs. Rosemary wrote and taught several modules at Quest College Maroochydore’s counselling program for 10 years.
Rosemary recently developed and taught clinical communications skills programs in Taiwan. This work continues in the form of group supervision. She has worked with communities decimated by HIV/AIDS in Tanzania and currently works with local NGO’s in Nigeria to develop and facilitate programs to assist women recovering from human trafficking.
Rosemary has been in private practice for over 25 years and works with individuals, couples, groups and as a supervisor.

Rosemary has been a part of GTB staff since the beginning of 2018.

Leanne OShea photo

Dr Leanne O’Shea

DPsych, BTheol., MS, FMGANZ

Year 3 Coordinator

Leanne is a psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice in Melbourne. She studied the Gestalt approach in Melbourne and London, and more recently the relational approach to Gestalt Therapy at the Pacific Gestalt Institute (USA). Leanne is interested in creating greater awareness of and sensitivity to our relational responsibility and is particularly passionate about the place of sexuality and the erotic within the therapeutic relationship. She is well published and is an inaugural co-editor of the new Gestalt Journal of Australia and New Zealand. Leanne has served as a member of the GANZ Council, including the Presidency, and chairing the GANZ Ethics Committee.

Leanne rejoined GTB in 2021.

Caitlin Reid - Gestalt Therapy Brisbane Coordinator

Caitlin Reid

BFA, MATherapy (Supervision), MGestTherapy, PACFA Reg. Clinical

Year 4 Assistant Year Coordinator

Caitlin was born in Scotland, and grew up in Fiji before coming to Australia in her teens. With a background in creative arts, Caitlin has Master degrees in Experiential and Creative Arts Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy, which she completed in 2017. She has a small private practice as a psychotherapist/supervisor.

Working in the child protection sector for the past two decades Caitlin has an enduring passion for supporting people who care for and work with children and young people in care, to ensure the needs and rights of children are met/upheld.

In her spare time Caitlin has an abiding interest in painting and singing, and for making things with her hands.

She has a deep appreciation of the absurd, and for experiences of flow, that gestalt therapy, art and music support, and for the solace and energy of being nature.

Caitlin has been a part of GTB staff since 2018.

Esperanza Egan

Esperanza Egan

MGestTherapy, MFMH, MAC

Academic support

Esperanza is a psychotherapist who completed her Master of Gestalt Therapy with GTB in 2009; she also holds a Master of Forensic Mental Health (UNSW, 2015), and a Master of Arts (Communication, CSturt 2003).

Esperanza started her psychotherapy practice in 2007 attending to the mental health needs of asylum seekers and new immigrants who found themselves in detention. Through their experiences, the people she worked with taught her to sit with despair and realise the hidden human potential for growth. In 2010 Esperanza became a faculty member of the Sydney Gestalt Institute as Year 3 facilitator and student clinic coordinator.

Esperanza is drawn towards the transformational power of working through conflict, grief, loss, trauma, anxiety, depression, domestic violence and addictions. Esperanza works as an individual and couple’s therapist; she runs therapy groups and is a qualified Clinical Supervisor.

Shelley Barlow 2020

Dr Shelley Barlow

PhD, MGestTherapy, APAM

Educator, Academic support 

Shelley is a qualified physiotherapist with over 35 years’ experience. She works with people with chronic pain, mental health issues and opioid dependency.
Shelley explored the lived experiences of physiotherapists working with people with chronic pain in her PhD as a phenomenological sequential inquiry over three years.
Shelley started her Gestalt training in 2003, after attending a 2002 somatic psychotherapy weekend at the institute in 2002, and completed her Graduate Diploma at Northern Rivers Gestalt in 2009. She then completed her graduate masters in 2015 at GTB. Her interests are the somatic presentations of trauma especially when manifesting as chronic pain.
Shelley works within NSW health and has a small private practice. She is trying to learn to run and does yoga regularly.

Shelley has joined GTB staff in 2020.

Tracy Santos

Tracy Santos

MA GestTherapy, BASocWork


Tracy Santos is a gestalt psychotherapist, mental health social worker and educator who has been working as a clinician in private practice for over 20 years. She is on faculty at Gestalt Therapy Brisbane and has taught for many years at Southern Cross University on the topics of grief and trauma informed practice in the human services.

Tracy has specialised in the field of death and dying, grief and bereavement for the last 17 years, working with individuals and couples, as a trainer and supervisor to other clinicians. She has been closely affiliated with the Amitayus Home Hospice Service in the Byron Shire since 2003 and is on their training committee and team. Tracy has a fervent interest in educating people from the community and in professional roles to cultivate death awareness, compassionately care for the dying and be informed and practiced in how to work with those experiencing significant grief.

Michael Pitt

Michael Pitt

DipTeaching, MA GestTherapy, Member of PACFA/GANZ.


Michael initially trained as a Primary School Teacher and then spent 20 odd years as an IT professional. In 2003 he chose to loosen the tie and explore what might lay beneath, by starting his gestalt training at Brisbane Gestalt Institute. There he fell in love with Gestalt as a therapeutic modality and way of life. In 2013 he completed his Master of Gestalt Therapy at GTB.

He has had experience working in private practice offering individual and couple therapy, mediation and clinical supervision.  He has also worked for a number of NGO’s facilitating rites of passage programs for adolescent boys, groups for men with a focus on relationships, anger management, communication, and loss and grief, and for NSW govt. facilitating restorative justice conferences for young offenders and victims.

Michael currently works for Interrelate as a relationship counsellor and group facilitator.

Michael has been a part of GTB staff since 2010.

Nick Jolly

Nick Jolly

MGestTherapy, DipBus

Educator in Training

As a passionate learner Nick enjoys the process of discovering and considering new ideas and potential ways of being in the name of living fully, while contributing to the broader community through a ripple effect of support.

Nick’s depth and breadth of experience is grounded in a career spanning across twenty-five years in business leadership roles exposing him to a wide variety of individual, social and cultural dynamics, and complexities. Nick is interested in the relational opportunities that exist in the context of larger systems for the purpose of supporting transformation, positive social outcomes and long-term sustainability for individuals, groups, orgainsations, family and community.

Nick completed his training and Master of Gestalt Therapy at Gestalt Therapy Brisbane and loves living in a small coastal community just north of Brisbane where he is deeply grateful to be able to keep things simple and stay connected to the support of the natural environment.

Jess Hodges

Jess Hodges


Educator in Training

“Jess is a “Neurospicy” Psychotherapist in Private practice.  They are deeply passionate about social justice, and diversity and inclusion – working predominantly with intersectional identities and relationships.   Jess brings with them a fittingly diverse background in community based mental health recovery, Applied Equine science, and regenerative agriculture. Their deep love of nature, and enduring fascination with the interplay between ecosystems and human/animal behaviour, informs their work.”

Angela Shaw

Angela Shaw

BCouns, MGestTherapy, PACFA Reg. Clinical, Member of GANZ, ISCA

Year 4 coordinator

Angela’s adventuring spirit and wide range of interests influence both her approach to life and her therapeutic work. With a background as a retail pharmacist, Angela entered into the Gestalt world with GAQI in 1991. For many years she lived and worked in the Wide Bay area in a variety of community situations including private practice, Lifeline, Palliative Care, Vietnam Veterans & Sexual Assault. Angela has a small private practice, including individual and group supervision and she incorporates Family Constellation work, having accessed training in Australia & Europe. She finds these concepts provide a useful medium for revealing larger system dynamics and supporting individuals & students to find a stronger sense of their place, in their family system, with clients and life in general.

Angela has been a part of GTB staff since 2012.