Gestalt Therapy Brisbane is directed by its Policies and Procedures. These are published in the institute’s Policy Handbook and are accessible on this website. GTB’s policies direct the operations of the administration, academic staff and students of Gestalt Therapy Brisbane. They cover the following areas:


Related Area Policy No  Policy Name
Approach to education and core values

1  PACFA Code of Ethics
2  Guideline for Educational Program Ethical Considerations
15  Teaching and Learning
20  Course Review and Development
2B  Privacy Policy
Enrolment 4A  Credit Policy
4B  Recognition of Prior Learning and Granting of Credit
4D Student Retention, Completion and Success
8A  Criteria and Procedures for Selection of Students
Assessment 6A  Assessment and Completion of Education
6C  Moderation of Student Assessment
14  Cheating and Plagiarism
17  Special Consideration
8B  Termination of Student Enrolment
Safety and Support 5  Critical Incident Management
6B  Student Support
11  Health and Safety
18  Guidelines for Management of Experiential Tuition, Study Groups and Clinical   Practice and Supervision
19  Fair Treatment
Resources 7  Use of GTB Library
13  Use of GTB Premise
Grievances 3  Grievance Procedure
Administration 9A  Student Fees: Direct Payment to Institute
9B  Student Fees: FEE-HELP & Review & Appeals Procedure
9C  Workshop Fees
10A  Statement of Tuition Assurance – FEE-HELP students
10B  Statement of Tuition Assurance – direct payment students
16A  Risk Management Policy
16B  Risk Management Framework
Academic Staff 12A  Staff Employment and Development
12B  Staff Responsibilities
19  Fair Treatment
21  Administrative Procedures Brisbane