Admission Criteria

We promote the application of Gestalt therapy theory, practice and development to educate beginners and train competent Gestalt therapists and practitioners.

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane seeks to admit prospective students who have demonstrated the following: work and life experience; an aptitude to the method of Gestalt therapy; understanding of and respect for intellectual and cultural differences; a value for their own personal growth and development; evidence of integrity and personal maturity; academic and dispositional qualities as outlined in GTB`s Admissions Policy. Spaces are limited.

To this end GTB seeks to admit prospective students who have the following occupational and personal requirements.

Occupational requirements:  Employment in or an intention to work in the fields of counselling, psychotherapy, mental health, teaching, nursing, human resource management or human services.

Personal requirements:

  • A commitment to developing awareness of own and others’ processes of communicating and making contact;
  • An ability to give and receive personal feedback;
  • An ability to relate to others in a receptive and reflective way;
  • A capacity to work dialogically and relationally with another;
  • A capacity to understand and practice ethical behaviour and preparedness to follow a code of practice;
  • Demonstrated ability to commit to the educational program for the period for which they enrol and have a capacity to cope with the academic rigour of graduate study; and
  • Demonstrate substantial proficiency in English in their interview, since they will be working with real clients or students throughout this course.

These requirements will be assessed via interviews, references, reports from previous educational bodies, reports from medical practitioners or other allied health professionals and other means. See our admission pathways.