Teaching Philosophy

Our philosophy in approaching education is that of learning through experience. Gestalt Therapy Brisbane puts learning at the centre of human life. Living, growing, developing and learning are inseparable phenomena.

The education offered at Gestalt Therapy Brisbane is student-centred. Working in small groups and personalised sessions support and enhance the learning process. Small study groups provide students with opportunities to integrate theory inputs and gain support in integrating theory and practice.

Group work is central to the learning experience and intends to develop a safe and trusting environment for learning and forming a community. Learning experiences are lead by academic staff of the Institute and guest facilitators from interstate and overseas.

We have a theory that says that contact leads to growth, because contact, which is the process of living, is also the process of growing. There is no life without contact, and without contact there is no growth, and every moment of contact is growth or change. That is the is-ness of it.

For more information review our Teaching and Learning policy. See GTB`s Policy Handbook. 



Resources for Educators

We have complied a list of gestalt related resources to assist educators.