Gestalt Therapy Resources for Educators

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Robert W Resnick, PhD

New contemporary Gestalt Therapy (YouTube video, 30 min)

Great overview of Gestalt therapy by Robert Resnick from Gestalt Therapy Training Associates Los Angeles (GATLA) including Robert`s Gestalt journey, the development of Gestalt therapy over the past 70 years and newer Gestalt perspectives.

Robert W Resnick, PhD and Rita Resnick, PhD

Gestalt Therapy: Beyond the Empty Chair (Podcast, 40 min)

Great, lively interview with Rita and Robert. Good introduction to Gestalt therapy, its development and newer Gestalt perspectives. Also deals with common misconceptions about Gestalt therapy.

Robert W Resnick, PhD and Rita Resnick, PhD

Interview with Robert and Rita Resnick – contemporary couples’ therapy (video, 40 min) 

Introduction into Robert and Rita Resnick`s model to working with couples based on Gestalt therapy principles.


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Robert W Resnick, PhD

Series of Gestalt therapy videos of real therapy sessions with Robert W Resnick (includes the above)

Great series for students to get a sense of how a Gestalt therapy session can look like. Good for inspiring discussion and reflection.

Gordon Wheeler, PhD

Gestalt Therapy: Jon Carlson and Gordon Wheeler, PhD (DVD) Published by the American Psychological Association

Real therapy sessions with Gordon Wheeler, PhD with a discussion of the Gestalt therapy approach and some of its principles. Gordon Wheeler, PhD is the president of the Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California. Great for students who want to observe real Gestalt therapy sessions, good for stimulating discussion. Available on

Liv Estrup

What`s behind the empty chair – Gestalt Therapy and methodology (DVD, 2014)

This creative visual presentation of contemporary Gestalt therapy theory and practice can stand alone as a balanced and complete introduction or as a review. Photography and graphic images have been used to illustrate specific concepts and to give a broad, clear view of this holistic theory in its complexity. The theory is presented as a series of lenses through which the therapist can focus on different aspects of the theory and therapy: Field theory, Phenomenology, Dialogue, Organismic Self-Regulation, Contact Processes and Interruptions, Theory of Change and Existentialism. A brief history of the development of Gestalt therapy is also included. The DVD is divided into chapters and can be presented as a series over several sessions to allow time for training or classroom discussion and/or can be used as a review of concepts at the end of a course or training in Gestalt therapy.

Erving Poster, PhD

Erving Polster on Gestalt Therapy (DVD, 59 min)

In depth interview with former director of the San Diego Gestalt Training Centre. Fundamental Gestalt principles are explored in an engaging and personal way.

Violet Oaklander, PhD

Three video sessions with Violet Oaklander, PhD (DVD, 45 min-55 min per session)

Violet Oaklander is renowned for her Gestalt work with children. Three real sessions with children and an adolescent. Great for observing how the Gestalt therapy approach can look like when working with children. Good for discussion and reflection.

Selection of Gestalt books for beginners

Bentley, T. & Clayton, S. (2002) Gestalt: A Philosophy for change. The Space Between. This text is available at

Brownell, P. (2010). Gestalt therapy: A guide to contemporary practice. New York: Springer Publishing Co.

Clarkson, P. (2004). Gestalt counselling in action. London: Sage.

Houston, G. (2012). Gestalt counselling in a nutshell. London: Sage.

Joyce, P. & Sills, C. (2001). Skills in Gestalt counselling and psychotherapy. London: Sage

Mackewn, J. (2011). Developing gestalt counselling. London: Sage.

Mann, D. (2010). Gestalt therapy: 100 key points and techniques. London: Routledge.

Phillippson, P. (2012). Gestalt therapy. Roots and branches: Collected papers. London: Karnac Books.

Sills, C., Desmond, B. & Lapworth, P. (2012). An introduction to Gestalt. Los Angeles, CA:Sage.

Wheeler, G. & Axelsson, L. (2015). Gestalt therapy. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

Woldt, A. & Toman, S. (Eds.) (2005). Gestalt Therapy. History, Theory, and Practice. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.


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Compiled in February 2019 by Tine Mueller, MGestTherapy, MEdSc (Pedagogy), BSocWork, BEdSc (Pedagogy) Director, GTB.