GTB provides opportunities for continued learning with public professional development workshops being presented throughout each year by local and international experts in their field. We aim to provide the highest quality continuing education, training and development opportunities. Our professional development events provide a community environment where specialised knowledge and experience may be developed and shared.

All are welcome at GTBs Professional Development Workshops.

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23 August 2020 - 24 August 2020

A Relational Approach to Gestalt Group Therapy

A Relational Approach to Gestalt Group Therapy with Peter Cole & Daisy Reese

A rich and satisfying life requires that we develop strong capacities for both self-activation and forming authentic, lasting and intimate relationships. Join us on this online journey in experiencing and learning the power of Gestalt Group Therapy to catalyse personal and relational growth. We will work in various group configurations (“fishbowl”, dyads, large group) to demonstrate the theory and practice of utilising the power of the group process in the service of each group member’s growth and development.

Workshop attendees will learn important new concepts and skills in Gestalt group facilitation:

  • Group-as-a-Whole interventions and reflections that address important dimensions of the group experience
  • The Emotional Leader, The Defiant Leader & the Scapegoat Leader: how to recognise and work effectively with roles that are commonly assumed by group members
  • The Affective Current and Affective Processing: Dimensions of Awareness that promote growth
  • Rupture and Repair as an ongoing process in Gestalt Group Therapy: promoting attachment, empathy and empowerment
  • The Shadow of the Leader: working with speaking truth to power in group life and in the world
  • Creating a safe container for the work
  • Upholding Gestalt Values of an egalitarianism and mutual respect in our Groups


PACFA CPD Endorsed for 13 points.

ACA Endorsed OPD 13 hours.

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15 September 2020

Moving into Meaning: Introducing a somatic & developmental approach to psychotherapy

Moving into Meaning: Introducing a somatic & developmental approach to psychotherapy with Ruella Frank

In this webinar, we will explore the intricate relational moves of embodied trans-subjectivity that form a basis of communication, initially between parent and baby, but then throughout life.
The movement repertoire that develops in the first year of life is a language that conveys our most pressing desires, intentions and emotions. Expressive movements, acquired in the company of significant others, go on to become the tacit core of adult behaviour in everyday experience and, of course, in the psychotherapy relationship.
This webinar focuses on the details of this somatic expression of affect and relational intent. Participants will be supported in developing an understanding of the meaning and emotional significance of these somatic communications and skills in applying those insights to their therapy work.


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19 September 2020 - 20 September 2020

Relational Gestalt: Immersion In Complexity

Relational Gestalt: Immersion In Complexity with Janice Roosevelt Gerard

Relational Gestalt Therapy is about the complexity of human experience presented as an online interactive workshop. To learn to be intimate with others is a complex process which requires our presence, our focused attention and awareness of our history, our immediate experience and our surroundings simultaneously. During the course we will review the major underpinnings of classical Gestalt and how Relational Gestalt advances our capacity to integrate and live complex experiences while advancing the theory and practice of Gestalt therapy. We will explore the evocative power of language, of imagery and most importantly, the profundity and complexity of human interaction. We will be given the time and space to ponder, live and understand one of the fundamental tenets of Relational Gestalt, “All experience is co-created.”


PACFA CPD 11 points.

ACA OPC 11 hours.

8 October 2020 - 21 October 2020

Supervision for Supervisors: Knowing Me, Knowing You, Finding the Other

Supervision for Supervisors:

Knowing Me, Knowing You, Finding the Other

Relational Supervision in Theory and Praxis

In this workshop series we will explore the complex topics of Transference and Parallel process and see how these issues can make or break relational supervisory processes. In particular, we will examine how a relational approach rests very heavily on the personal awareness, stylistic preferences, and presence of the participants in the supervisory process. We will use the Relational Change core “SOS” framing as a foundation for the exploration.

In each workshop there will be a brief theoretical framing of the topic followed by a demonstration slot to highlight theory in practice. We will then work in break out groups to apply the learning, followed by sharing and closing plenary.

We recommend attending all three sessions to get the full benefits of the series and we are offering a reduced rate for the package of three.  However, you can register to only an individual session date too.

Please see EVENT DETAILS tab for dates.

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17 October 2020 - 18 October 2020

Being with Grief and Death

Being with Grief and Death

A workshop for therapists and health care professionals

Dying and grieving are essential and unavoidable aspects of our humanness. With our versatile minds we are able to touch on death as an inevitable reality and yet the prospect of death for ourselves, or our loved ones, is troubling and often a source of intense confusion and distress. A dominant cultural movement is therefore to avoid and deny death and all that may draw us near to it. It has been postulated in many traditions that in this move to avoid contact with death, and the depths of grief, we also compromise full and rich contact with life.

In this workshop across two days, we will move towards understanding and being with death and grief. We will engage dialogically across our humanity and mortality, reclaim the existential lineage of phenomenology and experiment with how to be present to our own experiences of grief and death in order that we may be better positioned to offer support to others.


PACFA CPD Endorsed for 13 points.

ACA Endorsed OPD 13 hours.

Leila Davis

24 October 2020 - 6 December 2020

Advanced Training in Supervision: Theory & Practice

Advanced Training in Supervision

Theory & Practice:

A Relational & Experiential Process

This exciting and newly developed training program provides participants with 39 hours of direct face to face supervision training within a training group over three weekends. This experiential learning will allow participants to enhance their practice of individual and group supervision within a supportive environment. Successful participants will be able to apply to be listed as an accredited supervisor on the PACFA National Register.

The teaching offered will draw on the theory and practice of supervision. It will include principles of the Gestalt Therapy method in the supervisory setting: field sensitivity, relational dialogue, experimentation and here and now attention. Learning will take place face to face, through the facilitation of incremental learning experience and experimentation, seminar-based discussions, and through collaborative and co-operative learning with facilitator and peer interaction.


  • PACFA Endorsed 20 hours CPD (in accordance with the requirements of the PACFA Supervision Training Standards)
  • AASW Endorsed CPD.
  • ACA Endorsed OPD.