Being with Grief and Death: A Workshop for Therapists and Health Care Professionals



Being with Grief and Death

A Workshop for Therapists and Health Care Professionals

Dying and Grieving are intrinsic dimensions of aliveness, and yet the prospect of death for ourselves, or our loved ones, is mostly troubling and the source of confusion and distress. A dominant cultural response is avoidance and denial of our mortality, which extends to anything that draws us towards its truths.

But what if it is in close and more meaningful relationship with death that we create the conditions for rich contact with our essential beingness and vibrant realms of relationality?

What if being open and intimate with grief and sorrow calls in the essence of I-thou relating – an alchemical outcome of meeting these flavours of suffering with acceptance and presence?


Presented by Tracy Santos



In this workshop across two days, we will experientially evoke presence and beingness with Death and Grief. We will engage dialogically with our mortality, befriend the existential lineage of phenomenology, and experiment with how to be present to our own experiences of grief and death, in order that we may be more holistically and skillfully able to offer therapeutic support to others. Grief, existential and gestalt theory will be woven through the weekend and held lightly, so as not to obstruct co-emergence and fresh understandings.


Tracy Santos is a psychotherapist, mental health social worker and trainer who has been working as a clinician in private practice for 22 years. She is on faculty at Gestalt Therapy Brisbane and lectured for many years at Southern Cross University on grief and trauma informed practice in the human services.

Tracy has specialised in the field of death and dying, grief and bereavement for the last 18 years, working with individuals and couples, as a trainer and supervisor. She has been affiliated with the Amitayus Home Hospice Service in the Byron Shire since 2003 and is on their training committee and team. Tracy brings her lived experience, and soul-driven dedication, to raise awareness, capacity, and skill, for fellow humans to compassionately care for the dying and be informed and practiced in how to be, and work with grief and sorrow.

Event Details

Start date: 29 June 2024

End date: 30 June 2024

Start time: 09:00 a.m. AEST

End time: 05:00 p.m. AEST

Venue: 431 Montsague Road, West End