Course Fees

Gestalt Therapy Brisbane is a small private provider of higher education. It relies solely on student fees to deliver its courses and to manage its operations. It is the intent of the directors of Gestalt Therapy Brisbane to match fees to the level that will ensure the delivery of a high quality program.

Adjustments will be made to the fee structure each year as is deemed necessary.

Schedule of Fee, Semester & Census Dates

Students may pay their fees directly to GTB or if eligible take advantage of the Commonwealth Government’s loan scheme, FEE-HELP. Students may also pay part of their fees directly and the other part (if eligible) through the FEE-HELP loan scheme

2019 Schedule of Fees, Semester & Census dates

2020 Schedule of Fees, Semester & Census dates will be published by September 2019. 


FEE-HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible fee paying students pay all or part of their tuition fees. It cannot be used for additional study costs such as accommodation or text books. The total amount of FEE-HELP a person can use is known as the ‘FEE-HELP limit’.

FEE-HELP is available to eligible students who enrol in the Higher Education courses.

For more information about FEE-HELP go to the Study Assist website:


View the Policies and Procedures around how GTB manages the payment of fees.

GTB Policy No 9A Student Fees – Direct-payment-to-institute

GTB Policy No 9B Student Fees – FEE-HELP & Review appeals procedure

GTB Policy No 10A Statement of Tuition Assurance – FEE-HELP

GTB Policy No 10B: Statement of Tuition Assurance – direct fee students

All policies are available on our policies page and linked here for your convenience.