Residential is part of each year of study. Scheduled over six days within semester two (see course dates for relevant year). The residential program is designed to provide a learning environment that is framed by contemporary Gestalt therapy and adult learning principles and underpinned by the values of responsibility and community.
Residential is held off-campus in a rural setting near Brisbane and involves all students and academic staff. They are an experiential program that complements and enhances the weekend tuition and learning experience with interactive applications of theory and practice. The extended live-in experience provides opportunity to deepen this work.
Learning occurs within year cohorts, mixed year groupings, and through activities involving the whole community. Open explorative processes complement a schedule of planned experiential activities, seminars and discussions. Student experience is shared and explored with academic staff support and supervision. Students have the opportunity to build awareness of their strengths and limitations as these may relate to their life and work with clients. Students also have opportunity to work through relational issues, including issues of conflict between one another.

In addition to the other learning, students enrolled in the Graduate Certificate program will be given the opportunity to observe the work of their senior colleagues as well as academic staff.

All students and academic staff are required to stay onsite. Accommodation and catering options are arranged by GTB.