Weekend Tuition

Provision of tuition over weekends allows for the integration of theory and practice so that students can synthesise learning with their own life reflections and insights and those of their cohort. This work can be highly personally challenging and needs to be undertaken in a forum that provides time and support from academic staff. Teaching and learning strategies focus on maximising student participation in the learning experience and on providing the opportunity for reflection.
Learning processes also involve students engaging in group processes. During these processes they will be encouraged to use the interpersonal skills to engage with other group members, interact with the group members at a system level and make process observations that will influence the group direction.

Theoretical learning processes will include short didactic presentations with accompanying notes and bibliographical references, experiential exercises and group discussion/experiences. Experiential learning processes support theoretical content in order to enable students to apply their knowledge. Self-directed learning via reading and written assignments further encourage the integration of theory and personal experience.

Weekend course delivery mode facilitates attendance by students who work and students who do not reside in Brisbane city. The success of this design is evidenced by the enrolment of students at Gestalt Therapy Brisbane from all over Australia.