1 year Graduate Certificate Course

Timeframe: May-December

This course offers an introduction to Gestalt Therapy and is open to anyone interested in Gestalt Therapy for their personal or professional development. The Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy is also the pathway into the Master of Gestalt Therapy for students wanting to continue their learning.

In this year students will gain an understanding of the principles and practice of Gestalt therapy and its application to counselling, psychotherapy, group, community and organisational work.

Entry to the Master of Gestalt Therapy course is contingent upon the successful completion of the Graduate Certificate in Gestalt Therapy, personal aptitude and prerequisite academic experience as outlined in policy 8A. The Graduate Certificate is aligned with the Australian Qualification 8 (AFQ 8).

Course Structure

The Graduate Certificate Course consists of 6 experiential weekends and a 6-day Residential. The Residential is an important component of the program and gathers all GTB students in one venue.

The first year of the Gestalt Therapy Education program delivers 144 hours of face to face tuition. Students will also engage in additional 30 hours of study both on their own and in a small group of members of the year 1 cohort.

Students will engage in a minimum of 10 one-to-one therapy sessions with a Gestalt therapist.